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Darwin the Whig and his conservative coup

November 13th, 2006 · No Comments

The IDM’s attempt to challenge Darwinian conservatism is a jolting reminder of the cockeyed politics lurking behind their movement. Condemning it to failure, one might note.
As pointed out repeatedly here on this blog, the context of Darwin’s work was ‘whiggishly spencerian’, and while not troglodyte conservativism it could hardly pass muster as particularly liberal in the Roosevelt sense, although certainly liberal in the sense of classical liberalism.
The IDM has no serious case here.
Darwin’s theory is a disguised version of Adam Smithism. Period. For conservatives to renounce this is giving up a lot. What’s you next move here? Socialism? I doubt if the stinkpots in this movement would even pray for the poor. Faith-based bean stew in Gospel Rescue Missions, those sordid shitholes where hungry people have to sit through bad brimstone sermons to get a plate of bad food.

The idea of evolution was indeed a radical notion, at least in the eyes of Restoration conservatives in the wake of the French Revolution. Darwin’s conservatized version of natural selection a generation later managed to ride the tide of the idea’s new respectability.

According to West, Darwinism promotes moral relativism rather than traditional morality. It fosters utopianism rather than limited government. It is corrosive, rather than supportive, of both free will and religious belief. Finally, and most importantly, Darwinian evolution is in tension with the scientific evidence, and conservatism cannot hope to strengthen itself by relying on Darwinism’s increasingly shaky empirical foundations.

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