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Taking the eonic effect seriously

November 16th, 2006 · No Comments

critics say they might begin to take ID seriously if ….

Several times over the years I’ve seen ID critics say they might begin to take ID seriously if supporters could show some prime number signatures in genomes (or other such stuff, mostly in response to Mike Gene’s perennial question: what would it take for you to take a serious look?).

But it is a big IF.

You might consider something different and better, the ‘coherence’ of the eonic effect, and, especialy, the remarkable facts of the ‘discrete freedom sequence’… cf. history-and-evolution.com

The coherence of the eonic effect, arrived at indirectly, leaves little doubt about its deep significance, although you have to work a bit to see it.
The point here is that ‘design evidence’ resembles claims of ‘penetrating the noumenal’ in the Kantian sense.
The study of the eonic effect provides ‘deductions’ that do not fall into that trap.

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