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IQ and the puzzle of Darwin dummies

November 20th, 2006 · No Comments

Antievolution.org spits out this gem of wisdom,

Numerous studies and meta-studies show that theistic belief is negatively correlated with IQ. I am fascinated by the causation aspect. Thick because they’re fundies? Fundies ’cause they’re thick. Shallow end of the gene pool? Does anyone have a hypothesis?

reply at UD.

This comment itself doesn’t strike me as particularly intelligent, whatever the IQ preening of feathers by the Darwin gang. Even the briefest study of religion would suggest that membership is by definition universal. Take it from there, ask if you will compare that to Olympic high jump elites, etc…

Haven’t you heard, there is a problem with the IQ question. People with high IQ’s are often the biggest of idiots, because they never study subjects where such measures have little meaning, like most of the humanities. It is my observation that people that I would venture are ‘high IQ’ and are dominant in promoting Darwinism are simply incapable of seeing the problems. Nor is there even a trace of awareness that there is a problem. The obvious reason for this must be that high IQ is really a measure of a relatively narrow set problem solving skills tested in academic set situations under extreme specialization. The educational system is filtering these people into high-reward Skinner boxes with booby prizes, as it subjects them to a very intensive kind of social conditioning. To be less polite, the price of admission to this technocratic elite is no doubt high IQ and a crippled intelligence.

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