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Crazy wisdom garbage; breaking the power of sufi sheiks

November 27th, 2006 · No Comments

Wikipedia article on E.J. Gold.
This entry is simply ignorant New Age groupie nonsense. The question of aberrant gurus is not a fan club issue, but one of disorderly conduct and reckless endagerment in a context of civil society, and in a context where fast talking spiritual hustlers are beyond the reach of tort law. That point became clear with the Da Free John figure, who broke the bounds of the whole game and got sued. Gold is much too clever to get caught.
Don’t grace this situation with a justification of crazy wisdom teachings. There is no such teaching here. Read Mr. Gold’s books, they are third rate pastiche with no content, he has no teaching at all. He is doing something different, and totally selfish in the Gurdjieff line. Such people simply use disciples and then discard them.
The exact history of the Crazy Wisdom theme is not clear, although the Tibetans are one of the more notable exploiters of it. Often it is harmless enough, but the problem is the gross abuse we have seen in the last generation, and the way the theme has been used as a cover for exploitation of innocent seekers who are so nervous about spiritual esotericism that they will submit to outrageous tactics on the assumption this is validated by some spiritual tradition or law. In any case, applying the idea of crazy wisdom teacher to a figure like E.J. Gold is outrageous and a misapplication of the concept. Buddhist crazy wisdom teachers are at least teachers on the way to Enlightenment. Sufis sharks like Gold are not doing that at all. They leave people diminished, confused, and damaged, often with their spiritual potential destroyed.
As this sillykitty fellow points out the ‘sufi sheik’ number is a front for a Crowley game, and that involves predatory attacks on the spiritual essence of unsuspecting dupes.

Be forewarned. This is the generation that has to resist the momentum of these grossly degraded guru traditions. Don’t be intimidated. If you stand up to it, they fall back immediately. It is your suggestibility.

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The edit by user LolaFroggy misunderstands the nature of “crazy wisdom” teaching, which directly challenges the ego or “separate self”, the mixture of beliefs, misconceptions and conditioning that we perceive the world through. This process is never pleasant, but the rewards are beyond imagination.

When user LolaFroggy asserts that Gold is a “destructive” guru, she may well be right. All growth in any sphere of life occurs by “destruction”, in the sense that what comes after, is not the same as what was before.Change and destruction are two sides of the same coin.Ego death is an inherently painful process, that can be made even more painful, by the holding on to limited and limiting self-concepts.This holding,limiting,contracting process itself, is the mechanism of ego.

Gurus who are not “destructive” in the above sense,are not gurus.Any guru worth his salt, will challenge the student’s cherished beliefs about him/herself, god and the world around him/her.

This however, should not be taken as blanket justification, or advice to suspend simple common sense.He who tastes, knows.

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