History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Priest of the Cosmos.

So Lemaître maintained that God preserved those truths in Scripture related to salvation. But Scripture had nothing to say on specific scientific questions, and might even be full of scientific errors.

The problem here is that Scripture had a look to say about everything, and wasn’t taken symbolically, or compartmentalized.

The Day Without Yesterday: Lemaître, Einstein, and the Birth of Modern Cosmology
by John Farrell
Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2005
(262 pages, $24.95, hardcover)

reviewed by Guillermo Gonzalez & Jay W. Richards

Can a priest be a first-rate scientist? Doesn’t religion dull one’s scientific acumen, destroy one’s objectivity, and bind one to espouse unscientific doctrines? Such, at least, is the caricature. But in reality, most of the founders of modern science were Christians—a fact known to most science historians if not to science textbook writers.

So it should not be surprising to find that the first modern cosmologist, Georges Lemaître, was also a priest. And yet the false caricature probably explains why this book is the first biography of Lemaître, though he died forty years ago—an astonishing omission, since he hardly fits anyone’s stereotype.

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