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Are Harris/Dawkins Buddhist proxies?

January 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Sam Harris’s Faith in Eastern Spirituality and Muslim Torture

By John Gorenfeld, AlterNet. Posted January 5, 2007.

The best-selling author of “The End of Faith” may argue against Christianity, but he is also supportive of phenomena such as reincarnation and ESP, and calls for “compassionately killing” the “Muslim hordes.”

There are two issues here, Eastern mysticism, and the question of torture. As to the latter Harris seems just off the wall.
As to the question of his Eastern interests, I have previously commented on that (see the post ‘Is Sam Harris a Buddhist double agent?’, only partly tongue in cheek).

My criticism is that Dawkins/Dennett/Harris et al. criticize ‘religion’ in general, and then, in Harris’ case, exempt Buddhism, etc,… This is unfair to the debate, and shows a naivete on the part of Westerners who, understandably, find Eastern religions more intelligent than ‘dumb old Christianity’ (the underestimating of which is a dumb thing in itself).
Anyone adopting these tactics is under suspicion of proxy behavior from unspecified sources (gurus!), sneaky New Age operators who are probably more critical of Christianity than Dawkins. They don’t want to make waves, or blow their PR cover in public (with honest exceptions like Rajneesh, read his Rajneesh Bible, a withering attack on Christianity).
Harris, since he is ‘curious’ about psychic phenomena, should be wary of ‘guru fleas’ here and becoming a drone agent for these sweet-talking ‘buddhas’ like the Dalai Lama et al.
This Alternet article starts in on Harris for reductionist heresies, psychism, reincarnation, etc… A quote from The Conscious Universe is beyond the pale. Give me a break. Have you guys been brainwashed by Mike Shermer?

Actually, this is a sign that Harris’ perspective is a little less naive than what we find in standard scientific mindsets.

However, given these views, I fail to see how the attack on Christianity can stand. Surely anyone with such a New Age background could bring us something more helpful on Christian religion than simple Bertie-Russell atheism.
This is really a hypocritical proxy war generated by Buddhist/Hindu gurus on Christianity. Dawkins fans be forewarned. Jihads can take many forms.

Sam Harris’s books “The End Of Faith” and “Letter To A Christian Nation” have established him as second only to the British biologist and author Richard Dawkins in the ranks of famous 21st century atheists. The thrust of Harris’s best-sellers is that with the world so crazed by religion, it’s high time Americans stopped tolerating faith in the Rapture, the Resurrection and anything else not grounded in evidence. Only trouble is, our country’s foremost promoter of “reason” is also supportive of ESP, reincarnation and other unscientific concepts. Not all of it is harmless yoga class hokum — he’s also a proponent of waterboarding and other forms of torture.

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