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Top ten myths, plus the Darwin myth

January 6th, 2007 · No Comments

Dispel the top 10 myths about evolution
Average Americans misinformed about the science behind evolution
By: Prometheus Books

This book, in dispelling the top ten myths, etc, exemplifies the way Darwinists create the very seeds of doubt they protest. In trying to condition the public to their perspective, Darwinian science with its selectionist confusion generates doubt all the way backward to the question of evolution itself. This abuse of the Darwin myth indicates that scientists themselves are the source of much of the hesitation, hence lack of interest, about evolution. The average man has horsense: why should he submit to Darwin propaganda?

This lack of knowledge in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution springs from a number of negative influences in contemporary society: poor secondary education in some regions of the country, misinformation in the mass media, and deliberate obfuscation by supporters of Creationism and Intelligent Design.

In The Top 10 Myths About Evolution, educators Cameron M. Smith and Charles Sullivan clearly dispel the ten most common myths about evolution that continue to mislead average Americans. Using a refreshing, jargon-free style, they set the record straight on claims that evolution is “just a theory,” that Darwinian explanations of life undercut morality, that Intelligent Design is a legitimate alternative to conventional science, that humans come from chimpanzees, and six other popular but erroneous notions.

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