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Buddhism non-violent? Maybe they’re kidding

January 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Robert Thurman (Buddhist scholar) on Buddhism and violence.

The Buddhist tradition has no theory of “just war.” Its major relevant doctrine is that of “nonviolence” (ahimsa). “Hatred will not put an end to hatred; only love can put an end to hatred.” Such is a central tenet of all forms of Buddhism.


The question of Iraq apart, the issue of Buddhism and violence is not so simple. The multitude of non-violent Buddhists have been betrayed by the concealed violence in ‘Buddhist history’ (I won’t say ‘Buddhism’). This stealth factor, including the occult operation via proxies, is far more insidious openly violent action. It is the grossest, most perverted dishonesty, and has put the reputation of faithful and unwitting. Buddhists at risk.

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