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Silly Kitty resurfaces

April 8th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Comment: Pagels…from salon to scienceblogs:
Welcome back, Sillykitty. You are on Wikipedia at: Wikipedia on E. J. Gold, I guess you knew. Good show, all of this was supposed to hidden.
That’s a good tactic of self-defense (up to a point), and I think Gold has been off the track a bit lately because of it (but he can be very sneaky, watch out). I was worried you had been alienated by my reference to Andrew Cohen. I know very little about him, but I think he is someone aware of all this, and disapproving of Gold who, like most bullies, wouldn’t want to mess with someone like Cohen.

I second your remarks on the ‘Judas’ game, and the black humour of scholars like Pagels rediscoverying Roman Empire gnostic judas when the whole gangster game is alive and well in shark-sufi land is, well funny if you able to laugh at the corruption of esotericism, and other deadly bullshit of the Gurdjieff variety.
We need to find a way to warn the next generation, but I fear we won’t find it, and the sufi establishment is out to destroy its critics, so let’s be careful.

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  • 1 sillykitty // Apr 9, 2007 at 3:38 am

    i didn’t stop communicating because of what you said about andrew cohen..
    (although i AM guru phobic. 🙂 its just the ptsd paranoia. you asked me after i posted here the first time if i was a gold ‘shill.’ well, my paranoia gets bad sometimes and i think this entire website is a gold ‘shill.’ crazy, i know, but actually, i wouldn’t put it past him…(it’s all theater.)

    after i spoke out back in december the ptsd got much worse–briefly…’telling’ was terrifying. and experiencing the ‘rage-stage’ which followed, was debilitating. i’m better now. thank you for listening. thank you for putting this presence–all of it–on the world wide web.

    i don’t see how all the horrors of people like gold, etc. can be used as an argument against theism…and the real deal….there are charlatans in every field….it doesn’t make the field bogus…just the charlatan…???

    one of the most satisfying later-stages of recovery is re-forming a spiritual life…brick by brick. it is the greatest joy.

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