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G.I. Gurdjieff, et al,… sufi hyenas

September 29th, 2007 · 3 Comments

post on ‘sufi hyenas’.
Perhaps this post was misleading! I was not proposing another consipiracy theory, but simply expressing pure paranoia. We can’t easily figure this one out.

And this is a discussion with a tacit dimension, hence it makes little sense. Next, we are talking about ‘sufis in quotation marks’, not Moslems, of course. Figures like Gurdjieff and his spinoffs like e.j. gold (jewish!) aren’t as such connected with the Islamic world, but do have ambiguous relationships with the sufi circle.
Next, the reference to ‘mind control’ is a wrong use of terminology, springing from previous posts/discussions here on CIA mindcontrol history (MKULTRA, etc), which is really an adjunct to interrogation technology, now a dangerously out in the open political tool. Those idiots are in possession of nothing relevant here.
What is referred to is something more insidious. You can’t control someone’s mind in that fashion. And sufi hyenas wouldn’t try. You can only work via what someone considers his ‘will’.

Anyway, no garden variety ‘sufi hyena’ would dare meddle with a president. Anyone who tried would get found out fast by his peers. There are yogis in this world who value freedom, in the mexican standoff of this madhouse.
And yet, and yet,… as we examine early twentieth century history we have to suspect somewho succeeded in this vein for openly fascist results to destroy democratic culture.
This sudden ‘fast rot from within’ of democracy, via its own ‘promoters’ self-undermining in the very act of promotion, has a familiar stench. More we can figure out.

Thus I merely meant to be vigilant at the point of crisis of democracy. The mischief done, if any, would be very subtle, and have occurred indirectly in some unknown form, a while back.

Finally, with an idiot like George Bush no outside help is needed to produce screw up. By Occam’s razor the simplest hypothesis is presidential ‘idiocy’ as a front for conservative will to power tactics.
So much for this kind of ‘occult conspiracy theory’, not my intention.
But consider the facts, dangerous operators like Gurdjieff, out in the open, with reactionary democracy-destruction agendas veiled behind sufistic front language, stalked the early decades of the last century. The trail is pretty cold here, so … we should be wary lest they strike again.

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  • 1 iain B Mc // Dec 5, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Whilst i agree any ‘hyenas in quotation marks’ or any fanatics, ‘pseudo scientists’ included would be more of a pain in the arse than a serious menace collectively. I would be interested to see where the ‘evidence’ lies for Gurdjieff promoting ‘reactionary democracy-destruction agendas’ !!

  • 2 nemo // Dec 5, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Where indeed!

  • 3 nemo // Dec 5, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    I comment on iain’s comment here:


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