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Gurdjieff, Christianity and the far right

December 5th, 2007 · No Comments

G.I. Gurdjieff, et al,… sufi hyenas:

I would be interested to see where the ‘evidence’ lies for Gurdjieff promoting ‘reactionary democracy-destruction agendas’ !!

Where indeed! I can’t easily satisfy your wish. The post in question was a ‘heart-felt warning’, not a legal case, a passing rumor among those who have moved in the shadow world of the ‘sufis’, whispering in a side street between followers on the way. A sense of suspicion turning into dread arises over the years as an ‘occult horse-sense’ begins to pick up the soft echoes and veiled hints. What do you think is going on in the current attempted demolition of American democracy?
For myself I once stumbled on a secret Gurdjieff group wearing nazi arm bands, and active criminals behind sufi fronts. I know for a fact that the Gurdjieff shadow world is prejudiced against liberal democrats, even as it pitches its message to just such people. There is all sorts of mischief going on, and the standard public Gurdjieff groups don’t have a clue, they are irrelevant. The conservative, that is reactionary, character is obvious, in any case, from the context of the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky saga, against the backdrop of the Russian revolution. A bunch of stinking reactionaries if ever there was such. Behind all the esoteric hype lies Gurdjieff’s inability to get past the fact of abolition, in his statements about slavery. That was the generation of the gestating far right, the period of Nietzsche et al. and the genesis of fascism (Nietzsche is hard to figure here, of course, and can be falsely accused. But his statements are clear on democracy, freedom, and slavery) J.G.Bennett, to his immense discredit not repudiating the game, discovered the ‘conspiracy of genocide’ afoot. He hints at it in several of his books. This compromise wrecked his integrity.
You see it overflow into or at work in many gurus, with their postmodern exploitations and spiritual authoritarianism, wishing doom on the age of democracy. It is there among certain Tibetans, deeply hidden behind the public formations.

Be wary indeed of these people.

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