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Evolution of bat?

February 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Fossil Doesn’t Support Bat Evolution!
A picture questioning the validity of evolution.

Here we go again! Recently evolutionists have discovered a fossil of a bat which which they claim indicates that bats learned to fly before they developed the ability of echolocation (i.e. sonar ability).

The fossil they claim is found in rock strata two million years older than the previously thought oldest bat fossil. Some argue that this particular fossil shows no evidence of having sonar ability, but they believed it was able to fly so they have concluded that this fossil is some transitional form.

The fact is that this fossil bat is complete. There is nothing it lacks even from what modern bats possess. What about bat echolocation (sonar ability)? Not even all living bats today possess echolation, some do and some don’t. And even the assumption that this newly discovered fossil bat did not possess echolocation is an assumption. Just because the fossil bat appeared to possess a small cochlea does not necessarily mean it did not possess echolocation. Small does not always mean less advanced. Even we humans have produced ever more smaller computer chips, which are more advanced than the bigger ones! There is no way to know for sure whether or not this fossil bat actually possessed echolocation, but there is no doubt it was fully a bat.

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