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Florida and wedge

February 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Presenting ‘the scientific theory of’ evolution
February 28, 2008
Ironically, the Wedge strategy forced the issue on opposition to ID.

Last week’s 4-3 decision by the Florida Board of Education to embrace evolution in its science standards attracted a predictable amount of media attention. But the board’s debate was more than just a tale of two theories; it was a clear illustration of a strategy outlined in The Wedge Document to bring intelligent design into your home.

The Wedge Document was developed nearly 10 years ago by the Discovery Institute, the nucleus of the intelligent design movement, as a business development strategy. It detailed an aggressive 20-year plan to utilize “research and writing, publicity and opinion making, and cultural confrontation” as tools to infuse “religious, cultural, moral, and political life with intelligent design theory.” The Wedge’s approach first focused on academic research and writing to document doubt in evolution, then on publicity campaigning to prepare those doubts for “popular reception,” and finally on the mass introduction of the theory itself. The plan’s governing goal is for intelligent design to prevail as a dominant perspective in science and in many other areas of life.

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