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From Cuba: Fidel on Darwinism

February 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Cuba: Fidel Surpasses Darwin in Humanism

By Pastor Guzmán Castro

The humanism of Fidel Castro, obvious in a variety of forms during the last 50 years of Cuban, American and world history, are a total contrast to the social Darwinism sponsored by his ideological enemies in the United States and its fellow neo-liberals.

While the capitalists defend the thesis of the great English scientist Charles Darwin that both in life and in nature only the fittest will survive and move forward, for Fidel it’s unfair and ethically unacceptable that a person can be redundant or expire without help, as happens to the unemployed in consumer societies.

The socialism promoted by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution was impregnated by the greatest ideals of Jose Marti. Fidel achieved the implementation of free education and health care services; he made sports and culture available to everybody; provided employment to almost the entire active age population, universalized education and opened hundreds of community colleges throughout the entire country.

In Cuba, social security and welfare assistance covers all the retired and all those who need state assistance without exception. Mothers whose children suffer from serious physical or mental disabilities are paid a salary so they can stay at home and take care of them.

Today, Cuba is a country of people of science, and of Olympic and world champions. In these fields Cuba has the best results of all her sister underdeveloped nations, some of them having larger territories, populations and more natural resources.

That is why the Cuban people supported their leaders and managed to preserve the revolution after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe, and survived the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Only a government and a system like Cuba’s could make it through such a hard situation, facing the aggressions of the most powerful country of the world, the United States of America.

For that reason, on the day of the constitution of the National Assembly and the Council of State —culmination of an electoral process that began last year at the grassroots level—, the population, which actively participates in this original model of democracy, fully supports and acknowledges the legitimacy of the process. They are well aware that we enjoy sovereignty, independence, egalitarian rights and many other benefits only because of socialism.

Darwin, the great natural scientist, has been clearly surpassed by Fidel and his humanism.

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