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Crisis Darfur

June 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Crisis Darfur
A conversation with Mia Farrow and Bernard-Henri Lévy, moderated by Dinaw Mengestu

And last but not least, there is one weapon which we have pleaded for, Mia Farrow in America and myself in Europe, for months and months. There is one actor in this terrible game, who has huge power, and can do a lot if it wants. This actor is China. China is the one [that] provides the weapons which I saw and which made these big craters from bombs. China provides the weapons. China buys a big portion of the oil. China protects the Sudanese regime in the Security Council of the United Nations. So the real pressure, the most efficient pressure should be and is still today the pressure on China. And we have a tool, as you know, on China. We have a real weapon, which would prove to be very efficient if we tried. It has been tried for a few days about Tibet. It has already given results: the resuming of the dialogue with the Dalai Lama. It should be implemented [against] the Darfur tragedy, [and it] is the weapon of a boycott of the Olympic Games. We cannot accept the very idea of Olympic Games—the Olympic ideal is supposed to be a peace ideal—in a country which is guilty of this disaster, which is guilty of these areas of villages where you have only the beasts left and the few people left being treated themselves as cattle.

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