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The Eonic Effect: Climbing Mt. Improbable

July 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

The Dawkins site refs a Larry Moran blog entry on Mt. Improbable, here

Dawkins may be a ‘master’ of style, but he didn’t get evolution right, and his claims for NS climbing Mt. Improbable are simply false.
The site eonic-effect.net has a whole series on this:
The Eonic Effect: Climbing Mt. Improbable

If you want to climb Mt. Improbable you need a macroevolutionary driver to do that. Natural selection is NOT enough.

Face it, Dawkins is a peddler of myth, whose stylistic pluses have earned him an audience wishing to believe and hoping for someone who can fulfill that pipedream and make it look like science.

Also here, at Evolutionblog

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