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Why is the liberal blogosphere filled with Darwin dummies?

July 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Starting with Alternet, a site I enjoy visiting.
Christopher Hitchens Attacked by Creationists Over Salamanders

Creationists can be a nuisance, but the best defense is to get it straight, and Darwinists, here Hitchens and P.Z. Myers don’t get it straight.
The question of these salamanders is complex and design argument don’t help, I admit, but this case doesn’t constitute a refutation. You can’t fight pseudo-science with bad science concealed behind Myers-style ranting.

But more generally, while I have no objection to Alternet posting something from Myers for flavoring, I suspect something else, and I think this liberal online journal should be wary of adopting Myers as a mascot spokesmen for the loudmouthed Darwin gang.

Alternet routinely gets investigative reporters to expose hype, but in the case of evolution, they let a figure such as Myers be their mouthpiece (at least by tacit indirection, as I suspect).

Darwinism is NOT a liberal perspective, and the liberal blogosphere after a generation of neo-liberalism ought to be exposing the social darwinism that is implicit in that, a fact disguised by the fantasy liberalism of figures such as Myers.

It would take good investigative journalists less than a week to expose the Darwin fraud. So why don’t they do it, without getting confused by the red herring of conservative creationists being Darwin critics.

Either the left is going to expose Darwinian ideology, or the Bible Belt is going to do it.

The answer here of course is that, for some strange reason, leftists are terrified of appearing to be critics of Darwinism. They will get lambasted by the dog packs led by people like Myers.

That’s cowardice. And I suspect Alternet is caught up in that intimidation to the degree they let a sophmoric obsessive like Myers be their evolution spokesman.

How about a paradigm shift at Alternet, and some decent reporting on the evolution issue?

How about it? Before the end of the current century.

You can’t fail on such a vital issue and be a liberal rag. That simple.

If you can’t hack it, you fired. OK you guys at Alternet (and the rest of the liberal blogosphere)?

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