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Falsifying Darwinism: Darwinism falsified

December 8th, 2008 · No Comments

After reading Bennett, I return to my more solid approach to historical evolution, but with a reminder that it is important to remind you that Darwinism has been falsified, that it is operating on limbo time.

A selection from World History And The Eonic Effect

It is world history itself that shows us the clue to evolution. Darwinists, by distracting attention to times unseen, have confused us completely. We are ready to examine the phenomenon of the eonic effect, the evidence of a non-random pattern in world history. The discovery of that pattern uncovers something more, but the basic demonstration of non-randomness in world history is conclusive, final, and almost devastating. That’s enough. And that’s that.
But we see that this pattern is hiding something more in plain sight, the ascent of Mt. Improbable. And this will uncover evolution behind history, the real meaning of evolution as a macro process, in an extended sense that is more than genetic, referring to human evolution only. The one thing Darwinists don’t want to find is such a non-random pattern, anywhere. The data for seeing such a pattern has reached critical mass only in our own times, and can be highlighted by simple inspection using careful periodization. The conclusion is inescapable: this structure demonstrates the existence of an evolutionary driver operating where least expected. There is nothing complex in the method. Throw a sine curve at world history. The results are direct, and show a degree of correlation we cannot ascribe to chance. There were many hints on the way, e.g. the data of the Axial Age. The results raise a host of other questions, and one may or may not wish to pursue that, or disagree with interpretative lines of argument. Otherwise, the basic demonstration of a non-random pattern is sufficient.
Darwinists claim that evolution is random, and that this applies to history also. Has anyone bothered to check the data? Against this, we discover, since the invention of writing, a rich patterning, a definite derandomized structure. So Darwinized thinking is wrong about history. That’s that. The eonic effect is a warning that the whole project of selectionist theory fails with history.

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