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WHEE online?

December 24th, 2008 · 3 Comments

I was asked by James last week about the text of World History And The Eonic Effect coming online.
Below was my reply. Actually, the post-Xmas/new year interval sounds right for it. I was dragging my feet a little bit, but now I think I will ditch the third edition online and start on a fourth edition.
The eonic model, so far, has proven too difficult for those acclimatized to Darwinism. They don’t even suspect how far off they are. Plus they don’t trust an outsider’s credentials or supposed lack of them, nor do they trust a POD text. As to credentials, anything but the current biological training. To be an outsider is an advantage, along with the POD publication venue. A POD book is one that NOONE has tampered with!
The developmental work was complete with the third edition, now a version that is easier for general readers is indicated. The current version is like a treasure locked in a safe: noone can quite get a handle on it. In part that is to prevent abuse of the findings via oversimplified metanarrative peddling. But the point has come to make the subtleties of the eonic effect accessible.
As indicated in the Preface the fourth edition will seek out, finally, a general publisher. Either that or a new book on world history in a more popular style. I have been preparing for this situation by developing an alternate text (Descent of Man Revisited) to spin off the hard parts of WHEE into an ‘eonic database’, so that the text of WHEE can move in a new direction.
So merry Xmas, Darwiniana readers.

nemo said,
December 14, 2008 at 11:12 pm ·
I am reluctant all of sudden to put the third edition online. The second edition online had a tremendous audience, but the effect was diffused. The third edition is so superior, but perhaps people recall the second, or first. And perhaps their opinions are fixed.
Actually my strategy was to put it online and produce a fourth edition for a general publisher. But the strategy may backfire, since the online version will make a general publisher reluctant to pick it up.
Someone from the university system who doesn’t dare speak about the book in public, begged me not to do it this way, and recommended a general publisher for the third edition. He may have been right.

In general WHEE is beyond abilities of most readers, so I am not sure how to proceed. The book has so many innovations, but the whole approach is too strange for most people, although behind a small amount of disguise lies an elegant and spectacular structure. Another problem is the length. I need at least a thousand pages, and a narrative world history to accompany the argument, but that is difficult, and the book length limit of the current publisher/printer makes that impossible.
The argument seems hard, it should be said. In fact, there is no argument, only the construction of a careful image to visualize as world history. This approach is foolproof, so to speak, as opposed to speculative theorizing.
But you realize people don’t want careful reasoning! They want myth, like the Darwin myth.
What to do? Crap sells, a la Spengler. My argument is so far ahead of Spengler and Toynbee, but people’s thinking is fixed, frozen.
I thought to rewrite Descent of Man Revisited (a blogbook quickie for the Internet, http://history-and-evolution.com) to explore how to deal with a possible fourth edition.
I am hampered by this situation. I want to explore deeper, but I have to spend all my time dealing with Darwinists, an exceptionally idiotic subspecies. The harm done by Darwinism is collosal.
What to do?

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