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Why evolution is true, and natural selection is false

February 12th, 2009 · No Comments

Amazon review of Why Evolution Is True (Hardcover)
by Jerry A. Coyne (Author)

Of books defending the Darwin paradigm there is no end, and yet the controversy nevers goes away. This book, in the obstinate narrowness of obsessive Darwinists, on the surface looks convincing but misses the point, starting with its title, ‘why evolution is true’. We already know evolution is true, but Darwinism, the theory of natural selection we don’t know to be true, since it is nearly a metaphysical claim, ironically like ID. Proving the claims for natural selection has never been properly accomplished, and it is hypocrisy on the part of Darwinists to say otherwise. Coyne seems to be aware of, and/or attended, the Altenberg 16 conference last year, of biologists attempting to challenge the frozen Darwin dogmas. So it is false, brazen hypocrisy, to claim that selectionist Darwinism is finally establshed or without problems.
The confusion between the reality of evolution and the theory of natural selection is in part the fault of creationists who still question the reality of evolution, making it easy for hard-core Darwinists like Coyne to egregiously defend evolution, a no-brainer, slipping in the quite different claims for natural selection. These tactics have gone on long enough, and the hopes of the Darwin propaganda machine to close ranks and tell the ‘Darwin deception’ straight always seem on the verge of success, but always fail in the end.
This book shows that the author, along with most Darwinists, suffer from a refusal to learn from the past or to acknowledge what is obvious, that there is something too limited in the Darwinian framework, and that this taken as a complete theory of evolution is a species of fraud. There is a kind of obstinate refusal to face the limits of Darwinism that makes the unending resistance persist.
The reductionist scientism of the Darwinian fundamentalists is unable to explicate the issues of ethics, consciousness, human evolution, or the historical complexity of man, from art to religion. The immense effort to freeze the study of evolution in Darwin’s perspective is as puzzling as it is counterproductive and will result finally in the discredit of science.
For an approach to the problems of Darwinism check out the reviewer’s
World History And The Eonic Effect for an examination of the whole range of problems with natural selection, and the standard account of the descent of humans.

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