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Rome conference, biology bigshots, and Darwinism falsified

March 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

It would be nice to get some feedback from this Rome Conference on evolution, but in another way the whole game is shot. I hope they come up with some interesting stuff, but do we really want another round of incomplete theories used to justfiy economic ideology, debunk religion, and pass the pretense of scientists to omniscience? We can’t even be sure anymore scientists are even truthful on the subject of evolution. It makes it hard to read books on biology, many of which are not reliable guides to the evidence.

Looking at Davies’ The Darwin Conspiracy, it seems the current generation of Darwinists/scientists can’t figure out who their real founder is, and are either fooled by the Darwin deception, or party to that deception, in which case, without basic truthfulness, science isn’t possible.
Job for the conference: resolve The Darwin Conspiracy, without hype or more lying.
Scientists aren’t the only ones who know something about evolution: I think my falsification (of a kind) of Dawinism using the study of history is decisive, but has failed to sink in among the ‘overtrained experts’ because that training has been so narrow and so crypto-propagandistic that real learning never occurred outside of the limits of scientism. And this can fail to grapple with the real issue of evolution, and fail without warning: you simply proceed along the lines of a particular specialty thinking you are really dealing with the ‘evolution’ which, as the eonic effect shows, is far vaster than we had imagined.
Scientists seem to have no awareness of the trap they have fallen into, and yet have the excessive power of any arrogant elite to dominate public opinion with their line of conditioning. The situation has a suspicious similarity to the domination by a priesthood.
One needs to learn how to defend oneself from this seemingly binding ‘science’ and a look at the eonic effect can do the trick, especially as to the descent of humans.
1.3.1 Falsifying Darwinism: A Theoretical Self-defense

In the relentless promotion of violent evolutionary theories as ideology and the equal and opposite exploitation of the ambiguities of such theories in the resurrection of design arguments, the public is lost in a closed dialectic. We need a method of theoretical self-defense to achieve a basic sanity in a debate seeding another phase of the wars of religion. However, those religions tend naturally via their sense of universal history to choke on the extreme reductionism of Darwinian explanation. Confronted with a hopelessly botched theory that has genocidal implications, it is of great importance to see that evolution Darwin-style is simply not the case, and not confirmed by the evidence. We can at least quarantine world history from the misapplication of Darwin ’s theory.

We need a more up to date approach to the idea of universal history. Study of the eonic effect provides this empirically and can act as equalizer to help us to put the whole debate in perspective, to see that our public discourse is condemned to propaganda, and little else. We cannot easily defeat these propagandas serving the agendas of technocratic Big Science and fundamentalist anti-modernism, but we can proceed from the underground, and thence move to replace the obsession with theories with an empirical matrix of historical observation.

The eonic effect shows us how to get out of the theory trap, and proceed with a simple time-line or tracker-approximator of macro-history that can give us the rough sense of our evolutionary context without the oversimplifications used to enforce the worldviews of dominant elites. This can allow us to take into account the fact of evolution without the presumption to theory that condemned Darwinism to a pseudo-science for Whiggish impostors. In the process we can bypass the cut-purse abuse of the design argument in service of theocratic domination. The most we can do is to erect a failsafe that will protect historical action from the Darwinian confusion applied to history, our proper domain of action, with its own evolutionary process, one that can better serve our real potential. We can also wrest the Old Testament from the labyrinth of mythology that has grown around it, and see its real significance in the emergence of civilization. It is time to rescue this text from the hallucinations of religious lunacy. In the process we can do better justice to science and religion both, able to recreate the essence of religion in the context of a robust secularism, beyond the derelicts of Axial Age destined break up on the shoals of modernity, and beyond the feeble idiocies of degenerating scientism.

Armed with the data of the eonic effect you can stop Darwinian claims for the science of natural selection in their tracks, without getting entangled in religious or design arguments. The associated eonic model can help in seeing the problems with current evolutionary theories and their misapplication to history and culture.

The is article goes with this: History And Evolution: The Eonic Effect

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