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The eonic effect: holding the ace on evolution

March 6th, 2009 · No Comments

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In all the brouhaha over evolution one simple fact is concealed from view: noone has ever really observed evolution, and have substituted metaphysical projection on deep time as a substitute.
In one sense, of course we observe evolution: we have endless fossils to document that a something, ‘evolution’, occurred in deep time, but that is not enough. We can’t really say that we know how this happened, what the mechanism is, the dynamics.
This has become confused with debates over gaps in the fossil record. But, again, such statements are misleading: there is probably a discoverable rough sequence of forms continuously documenting a chain of organisms, in a sequence that is evolutionary. But still there are gaps in our knowledge: we don’t have a continuously observed sequence of all stages of a given speciation. Thus, even though the transformations are continuous, we may fail to observe the real dynamics behind that.

That’s why we can claim that the eonic effect is one of the only closely observed ‘evolutionary’ sequences in existence: we can see a continuous record of historical chronicle at the level of centuries or less. And this suddenly shows very clearly that a strange dynamics is behind that chronicle. We see continuity, and we see ‘gaps’, and they are both there. In fact the gaps are nothing of the kind, they are a ‘fullsome’ interval overloaded with accelerating history, e.g. the Axial interval. Think of velocity and acceleration: there is always continuity, yet acceleration is conceptually a ‘discontinuity’, a finite interval of relative change in velocity. We can’t apply this analogy directly to biology, it is not physics, but the basic matrix of concepts is almost a priori we might say, and applies to many situations.
And this has nothing to do with genetics. We might say this isn’t evolution therefore. That’s misleading. It is not genetic evolution but it is almost by definition ‘evolution of some kind’. And this must challenge the standard Darwinian picture because the latter is taken to explain by reduction and genetics such things as the evolution of ethics, or religion, and much else, but we can see that, whatever the case with genetics in this ‘evolution of some kind’, all sort of higher level cultural phenomena are connected to this other form of evolution.
It can be hard to accept this at first, but the key thing is to zoom in on world history and try to visualize the process, with the realization that we have misconstrued the meaning of evolution, and have been looking in the wrong place.
We discover what it means to ‘observe’ evolution, and realize that Darwinists are indulging in speculation. We hold the ace on evolution in the spectacular, though quiet, data of the eonic series.

Noone know what evolution, they just talk about it, play politics over the word to control opinion and belief. But evolution is something beyond our simple myths, or beliefs.

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