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Religion, eonic evolution, and mideonic religion

March 8th, 2009 · No Comments

5.6.4 Christianity, Islam, Mahayana As Mideonic Micro-action

The eonic model produces one of the most fascinating insights into the dynamcis of ‘religion evolution’ in world history, although the level of abstraction makes it difficult to see what is being said, perhaps, for many.
That’s a pity, because there is a very simple process at work in the overall system of the eonic effect, one that, however, only applies to the eonic series, not to the middle periods in between: there’s the clue to real understaing, and some ability to distance oneself from these massive eruptions of history: the beginning of Christianity and Islam. Neither of these are included in the eonic series!
This point is kept abstract, perhaps for a reason, but the time perhaps will come when the more obvious meaning should be laid out: there is something mysteriously macro-evolutionary in the eonic sequence, but the ‘mideonic’ beginnings of things are humnan, perhaps all too human.

Our model produces a beautiful insight into the emergence of the great religions, so-called, but at the same time we must be clear that it takes a ‘hands off’ approach to their appearance since by the very nature of a discrete-continuous model they are beyond the range of our dynamical explanations, or explorations. The most we can claim is that something in our eonic sequence, here the Axial interval, produced seeds that flowed into a diffusion zone thence to be raw materials for mideonic constructs, and the mediation of new oikoumenes. Full stop. And that the evidence shows, most powerfully. And yet this ‘explanation’, even as it explains everything, explains nothing, and we must respect the historical integrity of these outcomes by opening a new file for their study. We must trace their historical chronicles without invoking the dynamics of the eonic sequence. Because of their occulted origins, that is extremely difficult to do.

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