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WHEE’s online popularity, and the passing of Darwinism

March 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Thank you very much, there has been a gratifying response to the online text of World History And The Eonic Effect: The Eonic Effect
I am already on the move to another, the fourth edition, this time in a more popular version. The theoretical work is done, and robust, despite the strangeness, at first, of this approach, for many. So enough the third edition, even if it is hard to credit a non-establishment type. This makes Darwinists frantic with rage at the point that any publicity attends this effort.
Darwinism is dead, but Darwinists are the last to know it.
Darwinism is so heavily promoted by science elites that its public persistence is secure, and we don’t perceive that it is eroding/dying inside, and liable to take down science with it. As Soren Lovtrup noted several decades ago, how did it happen that this paradigm, or else deception, endured so long?

How is it that such a vast cadre of intelligent scientists can’t manage to let go of this obviously failed paradigm? That sword of Damocles is hanging over the Sci community.

Actually there is a whole contingent of scientists with new and interesting insights that go beyond the synthesis, e.g. the Altenberg 16 conference, and then again the recent Rome conference.

Have you heard anything about this in the mass media? Nope. These scientists are, I am sure, frustrated, because once they say even a little bit about the limits of natural selection, their press vanishes.
This has, actually, been going on for a long time. And the ground has shifted underneath the Darwinists. They control the media. So it is not clear how long they can survive. But for everyone else, time to move on.

Meanwhile, as pointed here re: The Darwin Conspiracy, Darwin was a fraud, plagiarist, and clearly a dishonest man.
So it goes also with his legacy, Darwinism.

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