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Behe lecture

March 31st, 2009 · No Comments

Behe lectures on ID
Behe came close to something very devastating for Darwinism, but then threw away his critique with the suddenly facile thinking about design, and his confusion over the limits of nature in that regard.

Behe said design is not mystical, explaining that one can tell when something is designed. Behe used Mount Rushmore, compared to natural mountains, as a designed structure.

Behe’s also said that those in the science field agree that aspects of biology appear designed and cited other scientists, including those in support of Darwinism.

“Many people think science should stay away from something beyond nature,” Behe said. “I disagree.”

Behe also said there are structural obstacles to Darwinian evolution, using irreducible complexity as support of his statement.

Here, he used an example of a mousetrap to explain. Behe said that one cannot take away parts of the mousetrap and have it still function.

“A conclusion of intelligent design is rationally justified,” Behe said.

Behe then moved on to rebut several objections to intelligent design; however, he spent a large amount of this time discussing the trial, in which intelligent design was unsupported, and poking holes in the judge’s findings.

The program ended with a question-and-answer session.

“I thought it was very comprehensive but it was chockfull of fallacies,” said Tristan Buckley (sophomore-film).

Tim Chopourian (freshman-meterology) agreed, adding that “it felt like what he was doing was explaining evolution but where we have blanks, he filled those in with God,” he said.

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