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Evolution: need for a macro factor

March 31st, 2009 · No Comments

The issue of the previous post on evolution and space-time raises some devastating questions for standard science, the reason, no doubt, people are unable to get a handle on it.
But the logic is sound, and has data to back it up.
Normal theories of evolution are clearly doomed to confusion because they want a small set of changes arrived at at random to pass into a larger system, also at random.
It just won’t work. The Darwinian pretense backed up with no facts.
In the eonic sequence, taken as a form of evolution we have a situation where we see the ‘system’ amplifying small changes or innovations, in this case in the large-scale evolution of civilization.
The implication is that ‘evolution’ requires a macro factor to ensure that the changes register in the system and diffuse from there.

In the case of the eonic effect we see the natural Kantian implication: something is acting beyond space and time: witness the way in which spatial regions show synchronous emergence, and successive unconnected eras show a relevant sequence whose beats are interrelated.

It is too much for Darwinists. They simply go into ostrich mode immediately if you point to it.

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