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A dangerous vagueness

April 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Post-Christian America
These discussions are completely off because they refer to ‘religion’ in general, and then aspire to, apparently, the end of all forms of relgion.
Usually what is meant is ‘Christianity’, but this is not synonymous with ‘religion’, and to fail to make the many distinctions needed here just shows the lunatic side of the New Atheists (a disease they caught from Dawkins, no doubt). The forms of religion are so vast that to declare that we should go beyond ‘religion’ is dangerously vague.

We’re a long way from the day when the United States could reasonably be described as a non-religious nation. But we’re getting there. It’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees, but the longer-term trends are pretty unambiguous. (Which is not to say it’s impossible they will someday reverse course.) I suspect that, hand-wringing about arrogance and “fundamentalist atheists” notwithstanding, the exhortations of Richard Dawkins and his ilk have had something to do with it. If nothing else, they provide clear examples of people who think it’s perfectly okay to not believe in God, and be proud of it. That’s not an insignificant factor. It’s most likely a small perturbation on top of more significant long-term cultural trends, but it’s there.

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