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Uh oh, Ken Miller’s an accomodationist

April 24th, 2009 · No Comments

God, Darwin and Intelligent Design

American evolutionary science expert Professor Ken Miller will give a talk next Tuesday about the increasing support of the anti-evolutionary Intelligent Design movement at the Faraday Institute’s termly public lecture.
Intelligent Design, as opposed to religiously motivated creationism, seeks to discredit the scientific basis for evolution. Although the intelligent design movement lacks a scientific basis and legal standing it has substantial public support in the US and growing support in the UK and other parts of Europe.

“Professor Miller will argue that the popularity of this movement, which is pitted against Darwinian evolution, points to a profound failure on the part of the scientific community to articulate its own message effectively,” said Katie Turnbull, Communications Officer at the Faraday Institute. “He believes that analysing the appeal of this concept is central to developing an understanding of why evolution is still resisted a century and a half after the publication of On the Origin of Species.”

Coyne has been ranting lately about accomodationists, e.g.
It is an incoherent position, that assumes that Darwin’s theory of natural selection is grounding for atheism.

But are theistic evolutionists such Ayala and Ken Miller any less incoherent.
Consider the question of ‘soul’ and the problems with being simultaneously a Darwinist and a Christian.
More on this some other time, but the problems have wiped out both sides of the argument.
Maybe that is a relief.

Noone left standing except student of the eonic effect.

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