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A futile debate

June 6th, 2009 · 1 Comment

As already cited today, Chris Mooney considers the issue of theistic Darwinists, Civility and the New Atheists.

Almost unbelievably, this provokes a critical response from a Daily Kos blogger. Jerry Coyne, at al., are in this nexus.

This is an entirely futile debate, based on the assumption that Darwin’s theory correctly accounts for evolution. To be bickering over other issues is laughably, and a sign that these factions are living in their own propaganda cocoon, oblivious to reality.

Ironically, the Darwin fanatics apart, the theistic Darwinists are open to harsh criticism, not for their civility, but for the idiocy of thinking that they can easily compromise with Darwinism. Not that ID will help much either.
But the position of theistic Darwinism is incoherent on many levels. That said, the sad fact is that all parties, the ID gang included, are more interested in defending their agendas than evolution, and the stark fact must be faced that the public has nowhere to turn for an objective view of evolution.

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