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Trying to be fair to Wallace is part of the deception

June 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Forgotten evolutionist rediscovered at lastDarwin’s contemporary, Alfred Russel Wallace, gets his due after 150 years

Equal billing for Wallace?
Unlike Wallace, Darwin spent two decades developing his theory of natural selection and had far more evidence to back it up, as presented in his defining work, “The Origin of Species,” published 150 years ago. But Wallace reached the same conclusion before Darwin published his findings, and Beccaloni contends that Wallace deserves equal billing.

“The Darwin industry is what has distorted the whole of history,” Beccaloni said. “People have just concentrated on Darwin and his life and work, but they fail to see Darwin wasn’t alone and he fits into a wider picture.”

These attempts to be fair to Wallace are completely tiresome. They are part of the deceptionl.
To say that Darwin had more evidence than Wallace is pure bullshit. Darwin didn’t have the right theory, and plagiarized it from Wallace.

Check out Roy Davies’ The Darwin Conspiracy.

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