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Never-ending misconceptions about Evo-psych, by its supporters

June 30th, 2009 · No Comments

The Never-Ending Misconceptions About Evolutionary Psychology

Wilson at Huffpost (see previous post) cites some of the counterattacks against the Newsweek expose of evolutionary psychology.
We have seen this game before. When the critics attack, accuse them of not understanding the subject.
That’s a lame argument at this point.
I think Begley’s article is quite to the point, save that attacking evo-psych, but not Darwinism, is misleading.

Evolutionary psychologists are so confused on the subject of evolution even as they flaunt ‘expertise’ that to claim someone doesn’t understand your subject is probably a sign of incipient sanity. Evo-psych fanatics cannot extricate themselves from the ideological fixation of the subject.

But, whatever the case, differentiating evolutionary psychology from Darwinism is part of the game of the Darwin illusion.

The real issue is the false claims made for natural selection in Darwin’s original theory. Given that the question of evolutionary psychology is irrelevant, a sideline that collapses with the main paradigm.
David Sloan Wilson, btw, attended the Altenberg 16 conference, and is more than aware of the of the paradigm in motion, and the failure of standard Darwinism.

Sharon Begley has just written an article in Newsweek wherein she castigates the field of evolutionary psychology (EP) using the same antiquated and perfectly erroneous set of criticisms that have been addressed by evolutionary psychologists on endless occasions. If cats have nine lives then critics of evolutionary psychology à la Ms. Begley have infinite lives. The anti-EP dragon is slain repeatedly and yet it always resurfaces, emboldened by its blind and prideful ignorance of the facts. Unfortunately, it would take several posts for me to provide a point-by-point retort to the endless number of falsehoods that appear in her article. Instead, I will focus on a few key ones that were central to her critique.

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