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The myths of revelation and the actual perception of ‘eonic’ evolution

July 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Two comments on The Eonic Effect and the Emergence of Values in History/Evolution

James said,
July 16, 2009 at 3:51 pm
No doubt about it, but I was backing up your point that neither side gives us any insight into our moral sense.

James said,
July 16, 2009 at 3:58 pm
…and I can sympathize with the desperation of religionists when they are confronted with reductionist theories.

Although the ‘eonic effect’ solves the problem, it doesn’t either provide a neat scheme of ethics. We see a system operating at a high level of abstraction, beyond human intelligence.
We distinguish macro-action and micro-action, which here can be seen in the fantastic ‘macro-action’ we can detect behind the historical interval of Axial Israel. Unfortunately the creation of the Bible is micro-action, a secondary process. Our great source of ‘revelation’ is nonesuch, but a deeper process beyond our own creativity.
The next great correlation is the realm of German Classical philosophy 2400 years later.
The point here is that the action producing ethics as an action of divine revelation has been completely misunderstood: the filter of micro-action.
As we stand back and gaze over the millennia since the Neolithic the eonic effect shows the intersection with a mysterious realm of values. But these emerge often in parallel worlds in different ways. It does not show itself in any simple fashion. It just shows itself!
At the very end we seem to get a hint for mere monkeys: the Kantian system of ethics (among other things characteristic of the modern transformation), as though this was telling us that our morality understanding is to be a function of our own self-understanding once we evolve to a higher level of intelligence.

I recommend a long and thorough study of the eonic effect, to get a feel for the way this problem works itself out, with the antique saga of the Old Testament rapidly passing into our rear view mirror.
But we will bungle our future with Nietzschean stupidity?

Our history shows us emergent values, and these include the great strain of modern liberalism, and freedom discourse. A close study shows us, then, something more complex that idiot myths of Moses figures and tablets of the law.
It is confusing because our ‘common moral understanding’ is already present in our body/mind combinations, and has been there all along, since the Paleolithic. It acts through us, but we can’t easily understand it completely.
Clearly Kant’s ethical system shows how you start to get mental overload as you try just one set of facets of that.

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