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Russians revinvent ‘reinventing history’

July 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Russia acts against ‘false’ history
It may become a criminal offence to infringe on “historical memory” about WWII
By James Rodgers
BBC News

What is worrying Russia? Why is the country convinced that it is the victim of a campaign to make it look bad?

President Dmitry Medvedev recently announced the setting up of a commission to counter the falsification of history. He said this was becoming increasingly “severe, evil, and aggressive”.

Dmitry Medvedev believes there is an anti-Russian bias in the Western media
“This is absolute poppycock,” says Robert Service, professor of Russian History at Oxford University. “History is all about argument. There is no absolute historical truth about anything big in history.”

Mr Service dismisses the Russian leader’s suggestion that his country is facing some kind of academic aggression.

Instead, he sees a desire to dominate, worthy of the most repressive totalitarian regimes of fiction.

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