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Samkhya vs the regime of scientism

August 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Over at The Gurdjieff Con there is an interesting post on the significance of the factor of ‘will’ in human psychology: Bennett, the will, and the power of attention, along with a citation from J. G. Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe on the will and the power of attention.

Much current discussion from scientists is woefully limited in his general reach, as everything is reduced to a footnote to physics. That strategy slowly but surely drives people to revolt in protest, perhaps in a passive protest in the sense that science leaves people with nothing whatever by which to understand themselves.
The approach of someone like Bennett is a tonic for this regime of scientism, as it constructs what is, in principle, the simplest psychology, based on the plain vanilla elements of function, being, and will.

Whatever we make of that of one thing we can be sure: the absurd notions of reductionist scientism are going to endure a brief reign due to the power of technocratic propaganda and the glamor of technological Big Science, but if scientists persist in trying to create a religion out of Newtonian physics, the great grandchildren of the Romantic rebellion will rise to sweep away scientific culture.
The elements to a cultural solution are there already in the emergence of modernity. So, the exotic Samkhya aside, we need a clear realization of the limits of scientism (and its first born, Darwinism).

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