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Andrew Cohen’s corruption of the term ‘evolution’

August 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment


Having criticized Arianna Huffington (or else the gang now running Huffpost) on the issue of hypocrisy on Darwinism, it is important to note the same thing in another variant in Andrew Cohen and his (stupid) magazine.

They never quite come out and criticize Darwin, being too savvy and cunning for that. At the same time they corrupt the term ‘evolution’ by using it in a false New Age sense, or distortion, whereby any groupie of Cohen or Ken Wilbur is ‘evolving’ toward something higher.
The same thing is evident in Ken Wilbur whose obvious anti-darwinism is concealed behind a lot of hot air and jargon.
Why not just be honest about criticizing Darwinism? A little honest backup could help.
That’s pure crap, and a dishonest confusion by a so-called ‘enlightened guru’ who is exceptional for being the confused asshole that he is.
People in the New Age world are afraid to stand up to these people who have nothing to offer behind the glitz of their movement promotion.

Meanwhile the secondary corruption of the term ‘evolution’ in a derivative, ‘evolutionary’, is an obvious (crypto-conservative or reactionary) is veiled political dig at the idea of revolution, etc, etc…., Cohen’s great ‘postmodern’ revolution against modernity.
Take a rain check and stay out of the clutches of these people.

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