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Wright and Harris: hypocrisy over scientism/New Age beliefs

August 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Self, Meditating
By Robert Wright

In the midst of the debate over history, evolution and religion, we are now treated to Mr. Wright’s explorations in Buddhism.
I am having a problem here, not dissimilar to the problem we had with Sam Harris.
And this is the hypocrisy of promoting Darwinian scientism and reductionism, and the informing us that the author has a New Age hobby.
It is possible that these two are simply confused, and/or navigate toward Buddhism because they find some resonance with science.

Whatever the case, Darwinism and Buddhism are totally incapatible, and it would be simple courtesy to stop trying to get away with these finessed contradictions at the expense of readers, and in many cases very naive readers, who are being harmed by the Darwin paradigm.

We should consider then that Wright is either confused beyond recovery, a hypocrite trying to sell the Darwin paradigm even as he dabbles in Buddhism, or else a human mess about to have a nervous breakdown as his Darwin career collides with the svengali Buddhist ghosts who are obviously trying to undermine him.

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