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Liberalism in the context of world history

August 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Comment on Liberal Atheists

Actually the left was long locked in a box comprising the narrowest scientism, Darwinism (despite Marx’s initial protests), materialism, and atheism.
And we can see how the left has suffered for that, a warning to liberals determined to let themselves be dominated by an increasingly cult-like science community determined to enforce Darwinian fundamentalism, Dawkins-style atheism, and the rest of it.
But liberalism was never a narrow cult such as Marxism became, something contemporary scientism is threatening to reinvent and impose on general culture armed with a new way to be ‘fanatic’: you must be ‘scientific’ and the science gang decides what you are to believe, for that reason. The resemblance to a priesthood is remarkable.
Liberalism emerged in the early modern in a remarkable symmetry with science, and the two found their harmony construed in the works of Kant.
The conflict of liberalism and religion is misleading, since in many ways the liberal tradition has deeper connection to the larger framework of the spiritual than religion does: I recommend very strongly a close look at the eonic effect and the history of liberalism in that context. It has a larger evolutionary status, and a connection to a larger spiritual framework, more than the ersatz ‘religion’ we call Christianity, which after all is a late creation of the world of the Roman Empire.

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