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Bloggingheads.tv controversy: scientists locked in a mental box?

September 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Standards for discussion and the bloggingheads.tv controversy

My standard for taking part in any forum about science is pretty simple. All the participants must rely on peer-reviewed science that has direct bearing on the subject at hand, not specious arguments that may sound fancy but are scientifically empty. I believe standards like this one are crucial if we are to have productive discussions about the state of science and its effects on our lives.
This is not Blogginghead’s standard, at least as I understand it now. And so here we must part ways.

The discussion over Behe’s appearance at bloggingheads.tv is something of an eye-opener. I hold no brief for abuses of ID, but to wallop Robert Wright for allowing a mere diavlog with the author of Darwin’s Black Box leaves me speechless. Once again I underestimate the totalitarian impulse in Darwinists, who can’t allow even a whisper of outside discussion.
Zimmer prattles about the need for peer review, as if that weren’t what has gotten Darwinists into the paradigm fixation they are in, and can’t get out of because they don’t know they are in it.

Members of the sci community should consider the consequences of their own behavior: they are locked in a kind of box where all dissenting views are filtered out. If the reigning view in that box is Darwinism, then calamity has struck.

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