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Another Danielou book

September 15th, 2009 · No Comments

Over at The Gurdjieff Con we have been looking at the writings of Danielou on Indian religion, and here’s another such book: Shiva and the Primordial Tradition
This perspective can throw external students for a loop, as they might feel less disoriented with the later, streamlined traditions of Buddhism (and the confused Hinduism) or Vedanta, and the various syncretist traditions of a mere twenty five hundred years since the Axial Age, when a secondary development transformed the ancient legacy.

But Danielou’s basic orientation contains, it seems to me now, somewhat wiser after a number of historical phantoms chased in Indian history, an important clue, hard to grapple with at first.
As a student of the Neolithic (and the eonic effect) the thesis makes sense and tells us in specific terms what is suspected from history: that the great religious streams of civilization originate in the Neolithic transition, the great Axial Age beyond the Axial Age.

Danielou is a cogent critic of monotheism, and the destruction it wrought in India and elsewhere, so the ‘New Atheists’ might consider this ‘atheist’ competition, whose sense of the ‘divine’ is very deep, but not anything to do with the watered down monotheisms of the occident.

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