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October 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Happiness, Inc: Deepak Chopra’s Path to Inner Peace
Thoroughly Modern Guru Says Daily Meditation Helps Him Avoid Stress

This news piece on deepak chopra is of interest for the light it throws on the current religion debates.
As the new atheists, or else their critics, discover their message is too limited, almost ignorant, and the traditionalists in Xtianity discover their religion to be dissolving (cf. Biblical criticism and its impact) the question of religion is beginning to default to New Age combinations. There we see deepak chopra at work and I am surprised (although not by much) to read that he is making $22 million a year on his various enterprises. I find that unfair, and revolting, but I can’t do anything about it.

First, before considering Chopra, consider the title of this bad piece by the ABC news, ‘Happiness, Inc’, a smear story built in, etc… They may have a point, but part of the procedure is to neutralize the message (assuming Chopra has one) by pseudo-debunking. No doubt chopra invites this kind of treatment, but it is also true that the powers that be have a hard time mentioning meditation, even in a piece about that.

My point: don’t let these public intellectuals and wasteland celebrities do plastic surgery on your sense, if any left, of religion.
It is good to be on the defensive on the subject of religion, as the counterfeits escalate (not that their ever was the ‘real thing’ more commonly than now). You are never getting the real thing, either from antiquity, or from the nose-job/plastic surgery being performed on it by so-called secularists, new atheists, darwinists, and, more, people like Karen Armstrong, Robert Wright, and, indeed, perhaps deepak chopra.
It is ironic: no new atheists are needed: the religious junk reaching flood tide from celebrity intellectuals will force people to puke out religion.

In any case, it is easy to criticize chopra, but, actually, his message is less idiotic than what Darwinized public intellectuals are giving us. My criticism of him is that he is a step down rewrite of Rajneesh who seems to have triggered the trend of the commerializing guru. That someone might be better at it than he is a bad surprise.
I think Chopra should give the money back. $22 million is enough to fund seven Buddhist Sanghas, instead we will get nothing but the degradation of meditation.

I hold no brief for Chopra, but my rage against him started in the eighties, a long time for rage, and after seeing the New Age movement commercialize and crash/burn I am struck by its persistence and the likelihood that it will usurp the much aspired to role of post-religious public philosophy promoted by Darwinists/Big Science, who don’t see their failure both now and to come.

That’s a warning to the sci community (different from that of Mooney/Kirshenbaum, Armstrong, or the NSCE accomodationists).
You can’t peddle junk worse than new age junk and expect to seize the mantle of opinion on religion.
Even chopra is better than that.

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