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A science of history?

October 13th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Laws Of History And Popper On Historicism

Is there a science of history?
One of the amusing ironies of historical theory here is the way that Karl Popper, in attacking Marxist theory as ‘historicism’, unwittingly launched a torpedo against the ‘science of history’.
It is essentially the same argument as Isaiah Berlin’s critique of ‘historical inevitability’.
Attacking Marxism is OK, but the science of history?
Scientists shy away from this issue, in part because they can only slink away licking their wounds. And it is the case that the basic contradiction floats backward to put a ‘science of evolution’ (for man) under the shadow of the same contradiction.
All these arguments reflect Kantian reasoning.
The solution, echoing Kant’s Challenge, so called, lies in trying to see how causality and freedom can be related together under the idea of evolution

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