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The eonic effect taken as a theoretical self-defense data set

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More on What Darwin Got Wrong

The question of evolutionary theories is really one of cultural politics, and the control of public ideology with theoretical illusions. The natural selection paradigm is one such illusion, one embraced by the most stupid candidates for science who are promoted because they conform to the system of propaganda and are dumb enough to believe Darwin’s myth.

Darwinian thinking was a moment in the very smart Alfred Wallace’s development, which Darwin plagiarized. Wallace was too intelligent to remain long in what he had initially reasoned, but Darwin, and his epigones, were stuck in the simplistic natural selection rut, unable to escape.
As Darwinism falters, we might move beyond the imposition of false science on the public by seeing how theories of evolution are probably doomed to be simplistic. Look at the record of evolution, taken descriptively as a bio-historical chronicle: it is a great tale, and one that is spoiled by Darwinian obsessives trying to fit it into natural selection theory. We can have the whole lore of evolution in our public understanding without theory.

But the public needs a theoretical self-defense against this subtle hype, that fools people into thinking that scientists have the answers and that we must submit to their hyped religious indoctrination.
In fact, a look at the eonic effect shows all the impossibly difficult pieces that will never find theory because they are too elusively complex and non-mechanical.
You can ‘see’ evolution by looking at the eonic series, but as you soon discover if you zoom in, the details are elusive and subtle and don’t fit into the oversimplifications of the professional cadre of stupid ‘scientists’ who are promoted to biological expertise because they are stupid and conform to the reigning paradigm.

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