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Gopi Krishna, neuroscience and evolution

January 30th, 2010 · No Comments

The saga of Gopi Krishna

and further posts: http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/index.php?s=gopi+krishna

Gopi Krishna (at the risk of cynical attacks by devotees of scientism) lived a unique saga on the subject of kundalini and is one the surprising corners of New Age thought of the last generation. I went to debunk his work at The Gurdjieff Con, and then baulked, because he is not so easy to debunk.

He is significant because he hoped to bring the subject to science/neuroscience, and even to the domain of evolution.
Unfortunately, even as we know by hunch what is the case here, we can’t carry out his project, as yet. But what he indicated was a clarification and grounding of one of the most outlandish of New Age superstitions, in the process showing that the legacy of ancient Indian spirituality, long before Hinduism and Buddhism, contained a knowledge of latent human potential unknown to neuroscience (and rightly based only there), one that broke into the fragments we now see floating down the river of Hindu cultural wreckage.
Gopi Krishna almost breaks through to the domain of science, as he points to the objective steps (yogic concentration so rarely rarely achieved) behind his experiences. And in the end this impinges on the issue of human evolution, so completely missed by reductionist Darwinism.
His work then points unwittingly to the keys to human potential suspected by Alfred Wallace, and the grounds for his, Wallace’s, realization that Darwinism was dangerously false.
He is a grim reminder that we don’t even know the ‘man’ who evolved, homo spiens, let alone how that evolution occurred.
We should be wary of New Age abuse of the idea of evolution, but it is also true that current evolutionary theory is almost completely wrong on the subject of human evolution.

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