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Kant’s Challenge and the ‘science of liberty’

February 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Ferris’ attempt to smear over the classic issues of the philosophy of history with the crude sociology of scientism deserves a look at the legacy of the Enlightenment here. Scientists can’t claim the Enlightenment then trash its classics.

The question of a science of history is discussed at length in World History And The Eonic Effect and this is connected with what I call ‘Kant’s Challenge’, that is, the paragraph of his famous essay cited in this passage:
Kant’s Challenge
I am not an interpreter of Kant here, as such, but simply take his beautiful implied change to resolve the issue of freedom and causality across history. The pattern of the eonic effect provides a spectacular answer to that implied challenge.
Note that the eonic effect automatically picks up the question of the rise of liberalism (and science) and shows its deep relationship to the historical/evolutionary process of man’s descent, and creation of world civilization.

Let me note my suspcion here, for the umpteenth time by various authros, that Ferris is well aware of World History And The Eonic Effect and wants to produce an answer (without citing the book in question) that negates the apparoach indicated. One thing is sure these people are afraid of the challenge to produce a ‘science of history’. They can’t do it in conventional terms, and Ferris produces a whole book of moolah to distract attention from that fact.
Science the cause of liberalism? That’s a joke. As here, we see the effort to asphyxiate the public with the propaganda of scientism, and to eliminate history, as in any totalitarian system.
Make sure you don’t get drugged and put to sleep forever.

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