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Shifting meaning of ‘secularism’

February 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Comment on The Problem with Secularism

James said,
February 27, 2010 at 2:37 pm ·
Why is commentary from the mass media on every conceivable topic so worthless? I find it strange that none of the usual suspects can find the right reference point to frame this debate. The issue isn’t some abstractions called “science,” “secularism,” “atheism,” etc. vs. “religion,” “spirituality,” etc.; it is about competing systems of thought that create different paradigms of human action. When it comes down to it, Marxists, Darwinists, Christians, Muslims, etc. are all playing the same game.

The term ‘secular’ has itself shifted meaning, and now we see religionists attacking modernity because they think that secularism means atheism, this view often seconded by the ‘scientism gang’ of New Atheists, Darwinists, etc…

So it is important to see that while the center of gravity of secularism seems to lie beyond religion the fact remains that modernity is perfectly compatible with religion. It began with the Protestant Reformation.
Atheism was a secondary strain in the Enlightenment and became a kind of cult in the nineteenth century. The New Atheists have created a completely stupid pseud-secularism based on scientism, Darwinism, and atheism, which is a complete misunderstanding.
The term ‘secular’ is very similar to the idea of a new age, if not ‘New Age’, and only points to a society beyond the theocracy of medieval Catholicism. The Reformation fought a war of liberation on that score, and when that war was over secular culture came into existence, as by and large still a Christian culture. Even Spinoza was only amibiguously atheist.

This is not a plea for theism or religion, but a warning that the watered down secularism of the Dawkins/scientism cult will backfire and produce a religious reaction.

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