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Coyne just doesn’t get it

March 22nd, 2010 · 1 Comment

Suzan Mazur hearts Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini
Jerry Coyne doesn’t get it. Debunking Mazur’s book is a bit ridiculous at this point, as are the statements about Lewontin and Pivar. The later is a Darwin critic, and Lewontin is a puzzle: he is incapable, like Gould, of bringing himself to face reality on Darwinism, despite being a critic. It is hard to know if this is hypocrisy, or a strategic deception.
That Mazur includes a spectrum of views in her book is fair and honest, and the book includes some fairly devastating critics of the reigning paradigm.
This book is hard to fault, being a factual report, and Coyne can’t manage it.
Why not face reality, and allow criticism into the disucssion?
The behavior of Darwinists is beyond belief, and the problem with the Altenberg 16 is that they don’t go far enough. They will no doubt soon be smothered in the crap about an ‘extended synthesis’.

The public deserves the truth about Darwinism,
an apology from scientists for such rigidity on such a dangerous theory,
a body count, estimated, of the number of dead from this theory (a large number),
an warning/expose in house on theory, ideology, and social darwinism,
a clear debunk job on natural selection and the metaphysical pipedream
scientists have allowed to grow around this theory
a sense of reality on the failure of theory on consciousness, morality, ….
a new kind of education: a more balanced curriculum that includes something that matches the intelligence of science students. The current regime is a course in becoming stupid.
a focus on the chronicle of evolution, the facts of evolution, and a wariness of theories. But scientists are apparently incapable of dealing with theories here.

That’s just for starters.
But if scientists have been this wrong for so long, we can hope for very little relief in the future from such stupidoes.
Poor Mazur: she will end up blessing another deception in motion as the chance to bring a critique of Darwin into the mainstream turns into an ‘extended synthesis’, more bullshit.

Scientists are running out of time here, in a state of complacency given their media clout. The public is suddenly going to realize that incompetence, if not deception, has reigned far too long here.

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