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Stupidity in science geeks

March 31st, 2010 · No Comments

From dawkins site:

Rather I was suggesting that science can, in principle, help us understand what we should do and should want—and, perforce, what other people should do and want in order to live the best lives possible. My claim is that there are right and wrong answers to moral questions, just as there are right and wrong answers to questions of physics, and such answers may one day fall within reach of the maturing sciences of mind. As the response to my TED talk indicates, it is taboo for a scientist to think such things, much less say them public

This lunatic project is not in principle wrong, but from the New Atheists we can expect only a new form of stupidity in action, complete with cult conversions to the new extreme.

If Harris is so smart let’s see a commentary on Kantian ethics and the question of transcendental idealism, instead of this macho brand of reductionist scientism.

The strange thing about modern science is the way it leads the very intelligent back into stupidity. Geek smartness disguising stupidity is dangerous.

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