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May 9th, 2010 · No Comments

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No self-respecting professor of philosophy wants to discuss the soul in class. It reeks of old-time theology, or, worse, New Age quantum treacle. The soul has been a dead end in philosophy ever since the positivists unmasked its empty referential center. Scientific philosophy has shown us that there’s no there there.

To say that philosophers should reject ‘soul talk’ may be good positivism, but it is not good philosophy.
This kind of article picks all of the aspects of the question easy to discredit, and makes no effort to deal with the super-hard questions of soul.
Positivism has done nothing here except play ostrich.
A better scientific approach would be to weed out the endless confusion here and study the classic themes on the subject from Plato to the Tibetan book of the Dead.
But most of all, if philosophy is the topic, then the issue of the ‘philosophy of soul’ might focus on the Kantian discourse on the ‘noumenal’ and educate students in the undecidability of the question of soul.

Kant is helpful here because he points to the metaphysical dilemmans of the noumenal, but doesn’t go so far as to deny realities that might be beyond our ken.

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