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Mispreceptions of Axial period

May 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Look beyond the celestial and discover sacredness of Earth’s ecosystems By Other Voices
May 12, 2010, 4:01AM
Interesting but flawed reasoning on the Axial Age. The problem is that this period is something far broader than the question of monotheism, or religion

The steady hemorrhaging of oil into the Gulf of Mexico is an urgent invitation for all of us to not only make a fundamental shift in our energy policy, but also a profound cultural shift that restores the sacredness of the Earth.

Our current cultural symptom of systematic degradation of the planet is a side effect of philosophical and spiritual assumptions that were set in place around 500 B.C., during the Axial Age. At that time, the basic understanding of the relationship between the sacred and the Earth was shifted from a worldview in which both Earth and sky were sacred, to a worldview in which the sky and a transcendent God above were considered of greater value than our ecosystems. For this reason, Greek temples were imagined as forms on Earth below that could draw down divine power from the heavens. For this reason, 1,700 years later, the gothic cathedrals were imagined to raise up fallen creation toward the divinity of the sky. For this reason, 2,500 years later, we casually, smugly continue to ignore the preciousness of all life, even as we undo the world our grandchildren will inherit.

The Axial transitions

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