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Confucius and Axial Age

May 21st, 2010 · No Comments

The Evolution of the Confucian Way
The Confucian way didn’t evolve (in the sense here), it appeared in relation to the Axial Age.

Arnhart uses provocative descriptions that ruin everything he touches, but does make a superficial case for Darwinian idiocy:

I see the debate over evolutionary ethics as showing the contrast between two opposing views of ethics–Platonic/Kantian transcendentalism and Aristotelian/Humean empiricism.

These are four different types of thinkers. To speak of Kant using the term ‘transcendentalism’ is misleading. His perspective is ‘transcendental idealism’, which isn’t really transcendental in the usual sense.
Kantian ethics actually has ‘will’ in the ethical agent, something Arnhart’s pseudo-ethics can’t manage.

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